act3 was founded in 2007 in response to several key forces;- individuals ‘retiring retirement’ and challenging the notion of ‘one size fits all’ careers, and organizations becoming more intensely aware of the changing employer-employee relationship, the risks associated with the departure of critical talent and the need to engage in a more meaningful way.

Over the past decade, some of the world’s largest enterprises have engaged act3 to work with their most senior and critical talent, to unlock potential and align interests, optimize performance and enhance personal and organizational engagement.

Benefits for Executives

As a business leader, you wouldn't run your business without a plan, and yet very few executives think about their professional and personal life in this way.

Just like in business, having a roadmap for the future and clarity of direction and purpose, facilitates communication and the alignment of interests, provides a basis for decision making and investment and ultimately leads to sustainable growth and optimized performance.

act3 personal strategic planning will help you confidently face the future, based on a Personal Strategic Plan that has been developed in the context of your broader professional, personal and financial drivers and aspirations.

Benefits for Organizations

Recognition and alignment of peoples fundamental motivational needs with organization and talent systems, leads to new levels of trust, optimized performance and mutual value creation.

act3’s Personal Strategic Planning works as a catalyst to help senior leaders and emerging talent take leadership of their own future, and in doing so, facilitates insight-driven conversations that help align personal, team and organization strategy.