Mutual Value creation for individuals and organizations

act3 is a leading B-2-B organization, widely regarded as a thought leader in developing innovations to unlock potential and address the fundamental motivational needs and aspirations of executive talent. Our independently facilitated programs are championed by some of the world’s most prominent companies and their leaders; - organizations who understand that human motivation and energy is the most critical resource they have.

act3’s Personal Strategic Planning empowers critical talent to take greater control and responsibility for shaping their future, enables more meaningful career and development conversations and inspires talent to come to work and come alive.

act3 works with:

  • Senior executives to optimise and/or extend the legacy period with the organisation, and / or to ‘manage an elegant exit’, ensuring they have a meaningful personal and professional portfolio to move ‘to’
  • High performing talent to help them consider their aspirations and goals for the next phase of their personal and professional life, as well as identifying how best to play to their strengths and interests. This includes helping them to develop criteria to assist them to make informed choices around which opportunities to pursue in the short, medium and longer term
  • Organisation leadership to share thematic insight and feedback and to create the environments, enabling structures and levers which address the needs of critical talent and the delivery of exceptional performance

We serve organisations in 3 main ways:

  • As part of an overall strategic talent management, development, succession or career planning process
  • Through one-on-one sessions with executive and emerging talent
  • Through small group sessions with executive and emerging talent

Personal Strategic Planning

Personal strategic planning establishes a firm foundation for surfacing and aligning an individual’s and an organisation’s values, interests and aspirations, building deep trust and intimacy. This process is an enabler for more honest, robust and empowering work relationships.

At the core of everything we do the act3 Personal Strategic Planning process;

  • Helps senior executives and emerging talent apply the same accepted strategic planning logic, disciplines and rigour that are mandatory in business to define personal success and develop a personal strategic plan for themselves. The outcome is greater clarity, motivation and performance in all aspects of their business and personal life.
  • Helps organisations understand what talent really think, engage in meaningful dialogue, and find mutually beneficial ways to motivate, engage, develop and retain key people.

New pathways, new opportunities

act3 Personal Strategic Planning presents a proactive and proven pathway to new thinking, new action, new possibilities.

act3 has delivered tangible benefits to organizations and individuals, including:

  • A mature executive critical to the organization extends their career by ‘creating a new deal’ that includes client-relationship management, networking and mentoring components
  • A senior leader extends their runway and ‘optimizes the legacy period’ by establishing a new office and off-shore market for the organization
  • An admired mature executive makes a lasting contribution by growing the intellectual capital of the firm
  • A key senior leader chooses to remain and play to their strengths rather than accept an offer from a competitor
  • An ‘intrapreneur’ launches a new business within the organization
  • A high-potential female carves out a value-adding niche business within the organization, which affords her more flexibility for work and motherhood
  • A senior partner voluntarily reduces their equity position to make way for emerging talent, and gains greater career control and flexibility in the process
  • A respected senior colleague extends their relationship with the firm by remaining available to support client teams in challenging situations