act3 is changing the way top-performing executives plan and manage careers by applying familiar business strategy and planning tools in a personal leadership context – and giving organisations valuable insights into the real needs and aspirations of their most important leaders.

Personal Strategic Planning challenges executive and emerging talent to engage in self-discovery, leverage their knowledge, skill and passion to do more of what they enjoy and to make a genuine difference to the organisations in which they work, their communities and for some the world.

By supporting key talent to strategically plan their future, and creating the environments which enable the alignment of personal, team and organisation strategy, companies create an energised, flexible workforce and build sustainable competitive advantage.

An endorsement of act3’s approach and experience is that Personal Strategic Planning is now being rolled out globally by one of the world’s leading Strategy Consulting firms.

What Others Say

We are proud to have worked with leading global enterprises, prominent Non-Executive Director’s, CEOs, Presidents, Directors and emerging talent of major companies, senior Partners in Global Professional Services firms, founders of start-ups, senior elected officials, academics etc. Many of these whose lives and careers have been transformed by their act3 experience. As testament to this, most of our business growth has come via word-of-mouth referrals, from act3 Participants. We operate in a spirit of total confidentiality, mindful that this is privileged work in a respectful environment. Therefore, this web site contains no client lists, nor attributed testimonials.

Our unique intellectual property has been recognised in global business schools, by internationally renowned gurus of management and leadership, and in important business publications as a breakthrough in organisational talent management. These relationships are important to us, and motivate us to continuously challenge, expand and improve everything we do.



“Bringing act3 to our senior colleagues was one of our great joint accomplishments this year.

I am thrilled that we will be continuing to support such a significant group of our most senior and respected people moving forward. act3 Personal Strategic Planning is a game changer for our organisation and I look forward to continuing this journey together”.

Global Learning & Development Director


“The act3 journey has been incredible. It is such an important part of our development to invest time to think proactively and systematically about what might come next”.

‘C’ Suite Executive


“Going through act3 planning with some colleagues and the act3 facilitators has helped clarify my unique needs and wants as I chart my course forward. I am a huge fan of this program”.

Senior Partner, International Professional Services Firm


“I would encourage anyone at any point in their executive career evolution to participate in the act3 program. I found it very helpful and energising. It clearly helped to step back from our daily sprints and think how best to re-engage with new objectives within the firm, while also thinking through the criteria I feel would be important for future options for the longer term”.

Senior Partner


“For me this is a truly beautiful program to put the topics of ‘legacy period’ and ‘life beyond the organisation’ top of mind, and to start thinking about it”.

‘C’ Suite Executive


“We should offer this openly and encourage everyone to do it…”

Company Chairman


“act3 provides a unique opportunity at key phases of your career to check in and refocus on what you are doing personally and professionally. It is otherwise difficult to do this on your own”

Divisional Leader, Multinational Corporation


“I wish act3 Personal Strategic Planning had been available to me much earlier in my career”

Practice Leader, International Law Firm


Since embarking on the act3 Program the Partner I support has become a nicer guy to work with, he is more discerning about what he puts in his diary and seems to be making more conscious choices about who he meets with”.

EA to Senior Executive


act3 has helped me consider my future success criteria. I now have a set of personal ‘filters’ to help me decide what I say ‘yes’ to and what I say ‘no’ to.

Senior Executive


“act3 challenged me to think strategically and creatively about my path and aspirations for the next 10 years”.

Senior Partner, Big 4 Accounting Firm


“It’s important to recognise that this stuff is not easy, particularly when you have been in senior or specialist roles for a long time. ‘Holding the mirror up’ to yourself, and trying to think creatively about possibilities for the future is difficult. Having experienced, independent facilitators to challenge you to ‘think outside of the square’ is incredibly helpful."

Senior Government Leader


“The act3 process has reminded me of what I love about the law. I now feel revitalised and plan to work longer with the firm”.

Senior Partner, Global Commercial Law Firm